1. People take off their shoes before entering a house – and many shops. That makes it easy to tell who’s already there and decide whether to join them. Or not. 
  2. Thai put ice in their beer.
  3. Fruit does grow on trees. This is the King of Fruit, Durian, the stinkiest and most delicious of them all. It’s so foul-smelling that it’s prohibited in most hotels and buses. It smells like a half-rotten corpse with dirty feet. It tastes like the most delicious custard. IMG_5684.jpg
  4. Monks can’t touch women. Men can hand their alms to monks, but women have to set their offerings on the ground instead. IMG_5643.jpg
  5. Thai like pizza with shrimp and pineapple. Pizza Hut disagreed, and the local franchise went kaput.
  6. Orchids are cheap. At a dollar for a bunch, they’re too cheap to give your loved one. Ladies prefer roses. fullsizeoutput_65bc.jpeg
  7. They offer food, drinks, toys, cigarettes, and even money to the spirits. You can grab them too if your spirit is on the edge. IMG_5383.jpg
  8. The word for spicy in Thai is Prik. If they ask you if you like Prik, the answer is probably no. Their idea of spicy is Dragon Breath. IMG_3337.JPG
  9. The English language can be a challenge. That makes for tons of fun. IMG_5648.jpg
  10. People, dogs, and cats are friendly but dignified, well dressed, and they roam freely. IMG_4305
  11. A fried egg on top makes everything better. Greens or cucumbers come with the food to soften the heat.IMG_4946.jpg
  12. Festivals and parades are ubiquitous. They are elaborate, colorful and fun. IMG_5462
  13. Thai can do wonders with bamboo. They use it for everything, from scratching forks to furniture and scaffolding.IMG_5511.jpg
  14. Thai have an excellent sense of humor. The word Sanuk, meaning fun, is their life philosophy. IMG_5234.jpg
  15. Pedicures are done by Dr. Fish.IMG_4275
  16. Massages happen while fully dressed, and many positions seem borrowed from Kama Sutra.
  17. Thai are extraordinary artists, in silk, wood, paint, ceramics. Even soap.  IMG_3294
  18. Everybody eats out every day.
  19. They wrap and cook food in banana leaves. IMG_4981.jpg
  20. They always smile. cropped-IMG_5292.jpg
  21. Yesterday, the first thing we were served at lunch was the mosquito spray.
  22. Kitchens smaller than an elevator produce incredible food!IMG_5504.jpg
  23. The ladyboys are often prettier than the ladies. fullsizeoutput_3de1
  24. Thai love elephants. You find them everywhere, in paintings, sculptures, parade floats, urban art. The national beer, Chang,  means elephant.
  25. IMG_4972

I’m glad that you’re still with us! Enjoy and keep in touch, will you? Laos coming soon!


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  1. What a grand collection of cultural Thai pictures. It must be wonderful to immerse one’s self in the daily goings on. Fantastic.

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