October in Paris

Trapped inside the Orsay clock. Hello, everyone. Long time no see. Last I talked to you, we were getting used to rural living in the Adirondacks and learning the etiquette of the local laundromat. Fast forward a few months, and we’re on our European winter journey. There’s Steve with the technical details:  Flying to ParisContinue reading “October in Paris”

COVID travels 2: Turkey’s heart.

After five days spent chasing Mehmet the Conqueror’s shadow in a scorching Istanbul, haunted by moody cats and hungry carpet sellers, we left for dusty Edirne. The second Ottoman capital is a sleepy town in the tiny, bland European Turkey, and renting a car was a challenge, since they hadn’t heard of one-way rentals, butContinue reading “COVID travels 2: Turkey’s heart.”