An Idiot’s Guide to Corona. The virus.

1. Take it easy. The worst part of all this is the fear. More people die from the flu, car accidents, or guns. As of Saturday, March 7th, 19 Americans had died from Covid19, compared to 1177 every week from the flu, 746 from car crashes, and 294 from gunshots. 2. Wash your hands likeContinue reading “An Idiot’s Guide to Corona. The virus.”

When you get to a fork in the road, take it.

  Like many other mornings, yesterday I walked the back roads to the Tha-nin market. It’s a good two miles through Thai-only neighborhoods. I always get to see exciting things. Monks collecting alms, well-dressed cats, ninja street cleaners, spirit houses with refreshments and gifts. I love markets almost as much as I love museums, especiallyContinue reading “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.”

It’s all Greek

Athens, the second stop on our long trip east, isn’t Paris. Just as Paris is profoundly Western in its gallic snotty attitude, rich flavor and fastidiousness, Athens belongs to the East. The sun is hotter, the streets narrower, the decibels roar. Neighbors shout at each other from across the street, motorcycles rev their stinky engines,Continue reading “It’s all Greek”