Looking after #1: The healthcare worker’s guide to surviving winter.

If you’re in healthcare, this is probably your worst winter ever. Between the COVIDs, scarce resources, shutdowns, homeschooling, bureaucracy, hoaxers, and checking the in-laws’ rashes online, you must feel cooked. You’re frustrated. Your patients die calling COVID a hoax. People refuse to wear masks. So many loved parents die alone. Bureaucrats don’t prioritize people’s lives. […]

20 tips on surviving the COVID winter.

I hate 2020. It’s the worst year I can remember. Between the pandemic, the shutdown, the plunging economy, the overloaded medical system, the mask debate, and the looming elections, I can’t remember a worse one. And it’s not over yet. From doctors to politicians, all those who know what they’re talking about, and some who […]

Jones Update

After a year away, we’re back in the North Country, and it’s bitter-sweet. I miss Thailand and my Chiang Mai friends. I miss the spices, the heat, and swimming before the pool opening time. I miss the orange-clad monks collecting alms as I returned from the market loaded with fruit, vegetables, and the meat-du-jour: anything […]

I called her #1.

I called her #1. She called me #3. Like seasons inhabiting the same garden, #1 and I married the same husband at different times. She was his spring, blooming with hope. I’m his fall, as we ripen into winter. He’s no longer the man she married fifty years ago. Life smoothed his corners and softened […]

Why you should ditch the New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time. Christmas music, shoppers looking for deals on things they don’t need and can’t afford, an orgy of eating and drinking ruining a year’s worth of healthy living. Tis’ the season to be jolly – never mind your bank account, your scale or your liver. After all, you only live once. Moreover, this […]