Hello, friends.

It’s been a while. Last I remember, we were freezing our assets near Lake Champlain, after six weeks of driving across the country in Rocinante, our tiny RV. As I write this, the snow is gone, and so is our lovely lake home. We traded it for a cabin in the mountains barely larger than Rocinante.

The good news? It’s easy to find everything, from the fly swatter to the cat. The bad news? There isn’t much left to find. The BMW is gone, so is the canoe, the exercise bike, the dining room, and just about every other comfort. Downsizing is not for the weak, and living small is an acquired taste, but we’re trying. We’re taking turns doing the dishes, and today we’ll do our first laundry run in Lake Placid. We spotted the perfect laundromat in a parking lot with a supermarket, a liquor store and Marshalls.

Guinness trying out her new pack on the Jack Rabbit Trail. We have a deal: She carries the water, I bring the treats. 

The girls are loving it here. Guinness loves chasing chipmunks and playing outside all day long. Paxil luxuriates in the sun, watches the birds and sharpens her claws on trees instead of the sofa. She stole an onion – they live in the basket by the printer – and she played with it like she was a kitten. The tight space forced them together, so they play all the time. Guinness sniffs Paxil’s butt, and Paxil pretends to bite her nose until she’s had enough, and she makes the siren noises pissed cats do. Guinness leaves her be, then returns minutes later.

Steve misses his lake, and struggles a little, but he’s been a good sport. He spends his days fighting with the internet, the falling towel racks and the car issues. I’m fighting with the bugs, and I must admit they are winning. Since we moved, I spent most of my time scratching, and I’ve become quite proficient. The other thing I do is write, and it’s been an absolute blast. Just take a look at my new K-9 Heroes series. Aren’t they awesome?

Book #1, Becoming K-9, is the heartwarming story of a puppy becoming a bomb dog. It was published in March, and it was supposed to be a standalone, but her friends stole my heart, so the K-9 series was born. 

Book #2, Bionic Butter, will be released this Sunday. It’s the story of a yellow lab whose life falls apart after being wounded in Afghanistan, and she needs to finds strengths she didn’t know she had to give her life a new meaning. 

Book #3, K-9 Viper, is now on preorder, scheduled for September. Viper, a Malinois, only cares about his job. Until he finds love.

All three are written from the dogs’ point of view, and they seem to strike a chord in readers’ hearts. Becoming K-9 is free on Amazon on June 16.  Try them if you like dogs, and leave a review if you love them. I’d really appreciate it! 

That’s it from us. I hope you’re well. Please drop me a note – I love hearing from you. If you want my updates, sign up for my monthly newsletter at RadaJones.com since Facebook  is not playing nice – I can barely see my own posts.

Have fun, stay well and keep in touch!