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Hello, curious reader. So you want to know more about me? I’d rather you read my books, but OK.
I was born in Transylvania, just ten miles away from Dracula’s Castle. Growing up between communists and vampires taught me that humans are fickle, but you can always rely on books and dogs. That’s why they’re still my best friends.
After I immigrated to the US to join my husband, I went through medical school and residency, then I worked in the ER and on cruise ships all over the world, but I still speak like Dracula’s cousin. But other than my Romanian dry humor, my writing is American through and through.
My husband Steve, our dog Guinness and I recently downsized to an Adirondack cabin no bigger than a Lean-to. We live under the leadership of a deaf black deaf cat named Paxil who knows no fear and doesn’t understand NO.
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