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The One Way Ticket

It’s all Greek.

The Long  Trip East.

A frugal day in Thailand

Going to the dogs

The Art of Taming

A Day in an Expat’s Life

The lovely torture: Thai Massage

Laos, Elephants and the Mighty Mekong

Thailand, Weird and Wonderful

We’re back!

The Birthday Visa Trip.

The Azores: Spearfishing, Hydrangeas, and cows

Skyscrapers, scooters, and Eclairs: Paris 201

Carol, Sheila, and the bird

Paris for beginners

In Limbo

Back Home

Thai Breakfast

Sanuk, pigeons and water guns

Spirit  houses of Thailand

The Oven

The cold, pet fashions, and settling in

History, mostly

My last shift

The Long Journey