Mulled spiced wine is a traditional Romanian winter drink. After braving the cold and the snow, coming back inside to a quick fire and a cup of hot wine helps warm the body and the soul. 


  1. Cheap red wine. You can do it with an expensive wine too, but it’s not worth it. Heating it will remove much of its alcohol, and the spices will cover the aroma, so a cheap wine is perfect for the job. 
  2. Sugar to taste.
  3. Cinnamon. Sticks are better since they don’t alter the texture and look pretty.
  4. A few peppercorns to give it spice.
  5. Two or three grains of allspice.
  6. A few cloves if you like them. I don’t.

Stir everything until the sugar dissolves, then warm it on a low fire until ready to boil. Don’t let it boil unless you want to get rid of the alcohol. Turn off the fire, cover it, and let it sit for five minutes, then pour it into warmed mugs. Enjoy responsibly since it comes with the mother of all hangovers!