The Romanian Potato salad is a vegan dish, usually served cold. It goes well with grilled meats and fish or on its own if you add a few hard-boiled eggs and cheese to up its protein. 


  1. Potatoes. About 2 medium/person. 
  2. Good olive oil.
  3. Red onions. 
  4. Black olives on the stone.
  5. Capers. 
  6. A handful of chopped dill pickles. 
  7. Salt and pepper. 
  8. Wine vinegar, the stronger, the better; otherwise, you get too much liquid. 

Boil the potatoes in their skin for about 20 minutes until they’re easy to stab with a fork. Peel them warm, cut them into one-inch chunks, salt, pepper, and oil them, then cover and chill in the fridge until ready to serve. 

Add the olives, pickles, sliced red onions, and optional chives right before serving.