Fall 22 Updates

Hello, old friends and new. I hope you had a lovely summer and are doing well.
Our summer was quiet. We spent the winter in Europe, driving a leased car through Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily, then crisscrossed Italy, France, and Spain. After six months of changing beds every night, doing laundry with shampoo, and carrying toilet paper just in case, we were ready to come home.
We returned to our tiny cabin in the woods, our RV, and our girls Paxil and Guinness, who spent their winter with our son.
We spent our summer in the woods, hiking, camping, and building countless wood fires to soften the Adirondacks’ chilly summer mornings.

The girls had a blast roaming the woods, hunting chipmunks, and chasing each other around our tiny abode. I won’t name any names, but I just bought a new computer. The old one didn’t make it through the crash.
Steve and I kept ourselves busy stacking wood, looking for a place to ditch our garbage, and driving to Lake Placid to do laundry. Not quite as exciting as wine-tasting in Bordeaux, climbing  Vesuvius, and eating our way through Italy, but quite a bit more restful.

How’s the writing, you ask? I kept myself busy.

MOM, a novella featuring a German Shepherd homeschooling her litter of rambunctious pups, is coming on October 8. Driving Italy, the cheeky story of our travels is scheduled for this winter. DO HARM, the first cruise thriller in the ER Crimes, is on preorder.

I started working on a historical fantasy, a Transylvanian GOT with Vlad Tepes, the blood-loving Romanian prince who inspired Dracula, and his brother, the Handsome Radu. And, surprise, surprise, they don’t really get along. 

Good times, but now that the days shrank and the mountain tops turned white, we’re getting ready to leave again.
Antarctica this year. Lucky for us, their summer matches our winter. They also feature penguins, one of my favorite creatures.
We’ll drive North through skinny Chile, explore the Atacama, then cruise to Antarctica. We’ll communion with the seals, take selfies with the glaciers and dodge the icebergs before flying to Thailand for the winter.

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That’s all I’ve got. I hope you have a good winter, and I look forward to hearing from you. Drop me a line. I really cherish them. 

Stay safe,


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  1. Great stories. Love all of the dog’s experiences. So sad how they are often treated by humans.

  2. So nice reading about your adventures.
    Looking forward to see your Chile and Antarctica photos.

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