Wanna come along for a trip through Chiang Mai? Check out this photo essay – a two miles trip to the Crematorium dogs, the homeless dogs we volunteered with. Check out “The Art Of Taming.”

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A very pregnant cat in a shop window. Not for sale, Steve asked. Like all cats, Thai cats love boxes. They also spend time outdoors – usually on a leash, so they don’t get lost.

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Drying chilis on the sidewalk. Where else? Garlic, bananas, and sunflower seeds too.

The wood-carved facade of a nearby hotel. Fancy indoor/outdoor style.
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Fried chicken at a street food stall. It smells heavenly and it tastes even better.
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Here, 7-11 is the center of the universe. You can get food, alcohol, toothpaste, sim cards, cat food. You can drop packages. You can get married. Ok, that one I made up. But you can meet people…You can grab a cold beer for your lunch. It comes with a straw and a bag.
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Multifunction barbershop. Haircuts, drinks, music and a little touch-up for your roots.
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One of the many inexpensive B&B.
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Tiny Buddhist temple on a side street.
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Somebody’s tiny garden.
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Another multipurpose business: Hostel, cockfighting, laundry services.
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And metal art. Thai are pragmatists. You’ll find toilet paper for sale at the guitar shop and bananas at the gas station.
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Another lilliputian garden.
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Motorcycle rental place sporting a graphic reminder: Use a helmet.
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Let’s design your trip by your own.” Big Promotion: Buy one-day elephant – get free half-day cooking. Cooking an elephant in half a day? I can barely manage a turkey!
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Lunch: Tom Sum: Papaya salad with grilled pork neck. The green papaya is pounded with green beans, chilis, palm sugar and tomatoes. Spicy, scrumptious and only 50 baht.
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The 700 years old wall around Chiang Mai. This is the restored South side.
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Negotiating a SongTaw, an open truck trucking people around. How much for a kid? How much for two?
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Fresh fruit and their vendor. Can you spot him? Working hard or hardly working?
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BYOS. Bring your own shade.
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Traditional Thai medical clinic. They offer twelve types of massage and Tantric Yoga.
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Bank guarded by its silver dragons.
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Coffee shop. A good place to spend a morning chilling with friends, enjoying the splendid coffees or taking advantage of the free wifi. Chiang Mai is a top 5 city in the world of digital nomads.
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Supply store for professional car thieves.
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Recycling: Sandals made from old tires. For sale at the pet store. Why? Why not?
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Roadside cafe. The uplifted greeter is promoting the craft shop upstairs.
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Parking for stone warriors only.  It works for scooters and dragons too.
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Young monk crossing the street. He may be old enough to retire before he gets to the other side.
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Buddha convention at an antique store.
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My usual Thai massage is 200 baht. These girls must be prettier.
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Spectacular dragon fountain in a parking lot.
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Masked monk. Air deteriorates during the dry season, due to crop burning.
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Beautiful crafts, some Thai, some from the nomadic Hill Tribes.
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A spirit house with its offerings. Strawberry soda is always a hit. MUST have a straw. The spirits couldn’t drink it otherwise.
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Holy cow! The donation box is a safe.
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Witches transportation authority. Or HomeGoods store. Maybe both.
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Old fashioned record store.
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Legal coffee house.
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Take off your shoes. Podiatry? Nope. House of Dentists.
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Multipurpose store: Coffee. Pastries. Vintage furniture. Cake. Imported beer.
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THE fire truck.
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“Finally! Where’s my blood cake?”

Rada Jones is an Emergency Doc in Upstate NY, where she lives with her husband, Steve, and his cat Paxil. Her ER thriller OVERDOSE is now on Amazon.com.