A mighty king.

A cursed prince.

A dangerous secret.


Nobody knows it but the old midwife. But will she tell?

The king’s men want to know, and they have ways to convince her. And none of them feels good.

Will the old midwife unveil  Dracula’s secret? Or will she keep it, and risk burning on the stake?

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A cursed prince.

Two clashing empires.

A bloody throne no one can keep.


Vlad Dracul is shattered. After a lifetime of service, the aging knight is stunned to see his king betray him. Losing the crown he lived his whole life for breaks Vlad’s heart.

Defying fate, he gathers an army to fight for his right. But can his unruly horde of rag-tag peasants match his rivals’ trained soldiers? Or will his stubborn pursuit of Wallachia’s seat end in a grave?

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Three magic spies.

Two clashing empires.

A deadly game few survive.


Ana fled her evil mother. Ion enlisted to feed his kin. Corbu needed a place to belong.
When the cutthroat challenge for the spy academy pits them against each other, the three would kill each other to win. 
Can the tree magic spies outwit the enemy and accomplish their mission, or will the sultan’s might trump Transylvanian magic and turn them into dust?

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