Why doctors make bad patients.

  I’m a doctor. And, like most medical professionals, I’m a bad patient. Two years after my last appointment, I got a CTJ, “Come to Jesus” from my doctor. I called his office for a form. I needed proof that I don’t have tertiary syphilis. For my Thai visa. Why tertiary syphilis, as opposed to HIV,Continue reading “Why doctors make bad patients.”

Sex and the Silver Foxes

If you’re sexy, fit and nimble,  if you can part your thighs and bend your knees, if you can see your private parts without a mirror, ignore this. Move on. This is not for you. This is for those with flailing sex-drive and failing abilities whose sex life is a challenge, but they’d like to makeContinue reading “Sex and the Silver Foxes”

Twenty-four reasons to NOT vaccinate your kid.

You don’t like to be told what to do. Especially not by arrogant doctors who act as if they know better, just because they’ve been through a little training! Your child hates shots. As her parent, your main job is to keep her comfortable. Dr. Google told you about side effects: fever, pain, irritability. “TheContinue reading “Twenty-four reasons to NOT vaccinate your kid.”