THE ER Crimes series

In the ER, life meets death, heroes and criminals rub shoulders, and you hope the brown stains on your scrubs are coffee. Meet Dr. Emma Steele, single mother, wine lover, and a smart ass.

As people start dropping like flies in her ER, she gets tangled in a web of deception and death, threatening everything she loves. To find the killer, she fights the fight of her life to protect everything she holds dear. Will she destroy the evil, or will it crush her first?

Her challenges: A community decimated by the raging opioid epidemic; a charming psychopath dealing in drugs and sex; a daughter who hates her; an ex who doesn’t. A bossy police dog with PTSD. And a friend who knows too much about poison.

You’ll love ER CRIMES if blood, drugs, and gore give you the warm fuzzies and if you long to read the mind of a serial killer.

ER CRIMES is a set of three page-turners for medical junkies, all packed with twists and turns, crisp dialogue, unforgettable characters, and dark ER humor. Medicine meets suspense in the vein of Gerritsen, Cook, and Cornwell.