We’re back!


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Good times! We’re back to Thailand, to our friends, our condo and the days of leisure – nah, not really.

All well except for a leaky toilet which flooded the neighbors two floors down. That generated a few interesting conversations, and the need to translate “supply valve” in Thai.

We made it here unscathed, with the luggage and one more guitar. The luggage included interesting forbidden items from home, like some prosciutto, parmiggiano and blue cheese, which caused the suitcases to smell ripe by the time we got reunited. It helped recognize it, in a time when most suitcases are black.

I’m happy to report that Thailand is still as weird and wonderful as ever.

Killer centipedes? Exterminator? Exorcist? It turns out it’s a cough drop wrapper!

There are a few new things, like the new Dog Cafe, where dogless people like us can go to buy a few moments of canine affection. Somewhat similar to the establishment providing human affection, or at least its close substitute. The rules are slightly different.

I wonder how the socks help?

The weather is spectacular. Over 70, under 90, day after day of sunny bliss and magic soft nights. Everything is blooming and green after the rainy season. It’s wonderful to walk outside, especially in the morning and at dusk.

What are you staring at? It’s just a lady training her cat!

We’re still fighting the jet lag – this morning I slept in till 3: 30, after getting up at 1 every other night, then walking around like a farang zombie. We are working on our interests – me on the book, Steve on the toilet. Sometimes we switch.

I’ve finally put together the last pieces of the puzzle – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a good, reasonable, socially acceptable motivation to kill people. And it’s still frowned upon. I made it through. The book is done.


Chiang Mai, the magic night


Steve formatted it in Vellum, an excellent piece of software that could make a book out anything, even my shopping list and my Grandmother’s polenta.

My friend Joanna hooked me up with a local printer. We made a deal, so I’m looking forward to holding my proof tomorrow, then the first 50 copies in a week!

We had lots of good food and Chang beer. Two nights ago we stopped at a local place we’ve been before. No English menu.

“This,” Steve pointed to an appetizing stir-fry. The owner squirmed. He scratched his head. He called his daughter. She shrugged. Got out her phone. Spoke into it. The phone spoke back.






Steve, well seasoned by now, said “OK.”

The frog was well seasoned too, with lime leaves, chili and garlic, and a killer dipping sauce. It was as bony as a fish though, so it required a lot of effort. By the end, we were hungrier than we started. Negative calories. We stopped at a Taiwanese place on the way home for some dumplings and another Chang. Thai tapas crawl, anyone?

I found my old friends – the vegetable lady, the fruit lady, the lunch lady – all with street stalls that visit often. They joke with me in Thai. I laugh in English.


Food stall in the market. Food gets wrapped in banana leaves rather than styrofoam. Inexpensive and delicious.

The Sunday morning Nimman one organic market is still here, a five minutes walk from home. Coffee, teas, food, fruit, exciting things with Thai labels. This tube with Thai labels, is it organic toothpaste, or jewelry cleaning fluid? Who knows?

Kids playing in the market. This bossy little girl is showing her brother what to do with a truck.

We spent time with old friends and made new friends. It’s easy to make friends here, the expat community is a large family, all looking forward to meeting somebody new and exciting like us!

Busy week coming. The lantern festival, Loy Krathong, and Thanksgiving. I looked for a turkey. I found it, but it’s frozen, imported and very expensive. May have to settle for something more ordinary, like a soft shell crab Khao Soy instead.  Whatever it is, I’ll take lots of pictures and keep you posted!


Thank you for being with us and watching our weird adventures.  Get in touch and tell us what you think, will you?

See you next week I hope.


8 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Looking forward to reading your book. I need the back story – do you winter in Thailand? Love the pictures. Little girls bossing around little brothers is universal I see. Hugs to you and Steve.

    1. We are here for the winter and plan to relocate completely in the next 1-2 years. How are you, Pauline?

  2. You look very happy my friend. I love the elephant photo. Excited you completed your book. Congratulations!

  3. You make it sound so wonderful! You look happy.
    I’m a little jealous of the beautiful weather though. 😊
    I look forward to reading your book. I love your stories.

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